Our CO-Mission in Niagara Falls

Freda and I have been here in Niagara Falls for just over two months now to being a new missional community.  Here’s a promo we put together.  If you’d like to know more and/or support our ministry feel free to contact us.


I’d like to know more about your ministry in Niagara Falls.

Living the Kingdom

I think that Christians can fall into two ruts in their understanding of the kingdom of God.  First, it can become easy to take God’s kingdom goodness for granted and forget the integral  part we play in it. Second, I think we only understand bits and pieces of what it means to be part of God’s kingdom plan.  In both situations we will find ourselves less intentional or even aware of kingdom work.  It seems that in many Christian circles our part in the kingdom of God boils down to “saving souls” and our acts of service are only for the sake of that purpose.

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