Prayer Support

Our prayers are powerful and effective.

Why we need your prayers:

A calling does not always assure that all things line up perfectly.  Sometimes it is hard to deal with that. It’s so easy to think that because God wants you to do something, the finances will line up, the plans will all fall into place, nothing terrible will go wrong.  That is just not true.  Consider the biblical heroes and prophets.  I’ve been told that the converse is more true, expect difficulties following the will of God.  I think there is probably a happy medium there because that is what I know to be true. The Lord leads and provides in ways we don’t always expect, even through difficulties.  Stepping out in faith to plant a church or do anything radical for the Lord paints a huge bullseye on your back for the enemy to attack.  So in your prayers, please include:

1. Consistent professional work for Freda.  She is experiencing some real discouragement. It’s difficult when you’ve worked so hard to develop a career that seems impossible to realize in the current educational climate in Ontario.

2. More gigs to play around the Niagara Falls area.

3. Summer weddings as I am now an officiant with Enduring Promises, a Christian wedding company. Developing the whole bi-vocational component of the ministry is tricky at best.  Music, weddings, working at the cigar shop p/t, and church-planting is a juggling act.

4. More connections with people who are being called to our core team.

5. More opportunities to build relationships with people in our parish area of Niagara Falls.

6. Pray against the attacks of the enemy as we move forward.

7. That we receive the financial support we need to develop our ministry here.

If you’d like to be a prayer supporter sign up below.

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