Support Our Niagara Falls Church Plant

Here’s how you can financially support our church planting ministry in Niagara Falls.

We are asking you to join us in this new church plant to bring the kingdom in a fresh, tangible way to Niagara Falls. We know you can’t necessarily be here to participate with us but we would ask for your participation through your prayers and financial commitment. Take some time to prayerfully consider how you can support God’s work here in Niagara Falls.

Here is our commitment to you.

  • Regular newsletters keeping you in the loop and attuned to prayer needs.
  • Keep you aware of our projects and any immediate needs.
  • Share the stories of changed lives as God, by his Holy Spirit, transforms hearts.

Ways to give of your financial gifts:

Since we do not yet have a charitable status, we are currently legally working our funds through our partnering church, Providence Christian Reformed Church in Beamsville, ON. However CRCNA  (Christian Reformed Church in North America) Home Missions has provided other ways of giving as well.

Below are steps to sending financial support. We hope you will consider pledging a monthly or yearly amount to our kingdom efforts.

  1. GIVE DIRECT: You are allowed to send us personal checks toward our salary or via Paypal if you’d like, but there is no tax receipt for this.
  2. GIVE THROUGH OUR PARTNERING CHURCH, PROVIDENCE CRC: Earmarked “Niagara Falls Church Plant,” in the memo and send to Providence Christian Reformed Church Box 533, 4845 King St. E., Beamsville Ontario L0R 1B0.
    Yes, you will receive a tax receipt – CANADA ONLY. Monies go straight to our church plant and not to Providences financial commitment to us.
  3. GIVE ONLINE THROUGH HOME MISSIONS: It’s super easy and especially helpful for our American friends so you get a tax receipt from Home Missions.
    Follow these instructions:
  • Go to Christian Reformed Home Missions Website:
  • If you live in the US proceed to the next step. If you live in Canada you will need to click on the line in the top right of the screen that says:  “Canadian residents, click here”.
  • Go to the section that says:  Check this box to enter the name of the ministry you’d like to donate to.
  • Fill in the Ministry Name and Location as “Allen Kleine Deters, Niagara Falls Church Plant”
  • Fill in the Ministry Contact Information section with the name of the person you would like to partner with.
  • Fill in the amount and press the button that says “Calculate”.
  • Fill in the other information.  Tax Receipts will be issued by CRCNA Home Missions

Thank you so much for your support

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